Accidental Abuse Moments

You know how we have those moments where you physically hurt a loved one on accident? That just happened…My goofy wife decided to tickle my foot and i moved it from the couch to the floor. She bent down and got my foot and automatic reflex caused my other leg to go up and she got a knee to the jaw. It cut both sides of her tongue, but not bad. It was so hard not to laugh. First thing she does is show me her tongue and I told her she cut it. Of course, being her “always freak out” self, she shows this look of terror then instantly asks, “hospital?” I dont think this is worth freaking out:


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Looking for a career in heating and cooling? (Many other programs available)

If you are looking for a good school for HVAC, I recommend American School of Technology. I have been a student here for 3.5 months and the prpgram is great. The instructors have owned/currently run their own businesses in the field. They all are very helpful. Classes are days or nights (your pick), Monday through Thursday. They take new students every 5 weeks of the year. The first ten weeks is spent in the classroom (to learn basic safety), then you get your tools to keep and you are in the lab 2 days per week. Towards the end, you can join an externship and get hired from there. They have career placement for life. They can even coach you through interviewing and creating perfect resumes. It is a great school and if interested you can research more on the school website. They have many other career/trade school programs. They have government grants and financial aid if qualified. They accept anyone, poor background/legal record or not.